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Burnt Plants

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Burnt seedlings

Seedlings in some of the tubes have their leaves that have died off – while the stem is still alive

The seedling on the left is completely dead.

Can you make anything of this? Marianne


Hi Marianne

This seems to be a recurring problem. These plants are burnt.

They have dried out or a hot wind did the damage. Hopefully they have not been watered with a heavy solution of fertilizer. Remove the dead plants. Place the plants in a semi-shaded area and keep moist.

The dry leaves will shed at their leisure. The two on the right should recover with time(and similar looking plants with green stems) It is unknown whether they will reach their full potential though.

Watering is the most crucial part of growing seedlings. It is difficult to instil this in people who are of the view "how hard can it be?"

Hope this help,

Cheers Wendy


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