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Friday, September 13, 2013

Webby seedlingsHiya,

I have a bug/spider/mite infestation, its only come on in the last 3 days. I sprayed with seem oil but i think its too late. so i have the box of seedlings under my veranda in the shade awaiting your advice.

Cheers Haych



If you look at the boxes it is only the plants around the edges that are badly affected. They have dried out. Insects will always attack plants under stress first.

Best method would be to discard the totally dead ones and soak the remaining ones in a shallow tray of very diluted seasol to overcome shock.

I have been trying to think of a way to get across to people how important the correct watering technique is to seedling stock. It sounds so simple but is vital to how successfully the tube stock develops.

Good luck,  Wendy


Hi Wendy,

We had a lot of windy days – it’s just the ones on the edge that died.

I had been watering – I don’t think the root system were as strong as they should have been. I didn’t understand from the instructions that they should have been taken out of the capillary watering as soon as they germinated – so the root system would have been underdeveloped because access to water was so easy.

Thanks, Hynch


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