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What We Do

TreeProject gets urban and rural communities working together to put trees back on the land.


  • Trains volunteers to propagate indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses
  • Supports landholders to repair degraded land by providing at-cost indigenous plants
  • Links city and country people to work together to tackle erosion, improve soil and water quality, and restore ecosystems
  • Provides training and support for anyone in the community growing indigenous seedlings
  • Develops skills and knowledge – building capacity in the community – for propagating indigenous seedlings
  • Fosters community engagement through practical, achievable and enduring environmental projects
  • Provides special project support through The TreeProject Nursery
  • Raises awareness of the importance of revegetation

TreeProject trains volunteers to grow indigenous seedlings

We train volunteers to grow Indigenous seedlings for rural landholders and Landcare groups who need help with revegetation and regeneration projects. Our volunteers contribute their time and hard work to care for trees, grasses and shrubs in their own backyards. Our volunteers get to participate in a fulfilling, practical and rewarding environmental project. They develop knowledge, understanding and a sense of stewardship for the land.

TreeProject adheres to best practice Landcare policy by using only indigenous seeds.

TreeProject supports landholders to restore degraded land

Rural communities no longer need to fight the battle of environmental degradation alone. With our help, landholders develop wind breaks, restore waterways, stabilise soil, repair waterways, regenerate depleted ecosystems and provide dam protection. Read landholder testimonials

We are all facing cycles of drought and flood. We all need to be involved to repair the damage – and create a better environment for us all.

Landholders face an expensive, time consuming and difficult task when tackling land repair and restoring ecosystems through revegetation. Providing at-cost seedlings – or support and advice to people who want to grow their own – is often the incentive and encouragement landholders need to start restoring degraded land.

We support landholders to revegetate in a number of ways:

  1. TreeProject provides at-cost seedlings to landholders
    With the generous help of our volunteers we are able to provide seedlings ‘at cost’ to a large number of landholders and Landcare groups, making revegetation and ecosystem repair affordable. Landholders order native seedlings from TreeProject and collect them when they are ready to plant. Landholders, order your seedlings now.
    Our volunteer growers often help to plant their well-tended, much-cherished seedlings in regional and rural areas of Victoria. Become a TreeProject volunteer
  2. TreeProject provides tools for landholders
    TreeProject lends planting tools from their ‘Tool Library’, to landholders who are ordering their seedlings from TreeProject.
    Landholders can borrow tools such as:
    - Mattocks
    - Hamilton planters
    - Tree guard hammers
    - Seedling transport trollies (6 2x3 m 5 shelves trollies) for landholders to transport their seedlings to the planting site.

Find out more about the TreeProject Tool Library

TreeProject links city and country to make a real difference

We bring city and rural communities together to repair environmental degradation. We link individual volunteers, rural landholders and Landcare groups. Growers often get the ultimate satisfaction of helping landholders plant out the seedlings grown in their own backyards.

Our city growers not only develop relationships with the rural community, they also develop a sense of stewardship for the land they are helping to repair.

Propagation Portal: Growing communities and sharing knowledge

Tree Project nurtures community engagement and awareness in both the propagation and planting of indigenous flora. The Propagation Portal is an online learning tool that provides interactive advice and assistance for anyone growing Victorian indigenous seedlings. The portal provides the relevant training and information to germinate and grow healthy seedlings.

>>> Link to visit the portal

This Propagation Portal delivers a one-of-a-kind space where volunteers and community members can come together to research and ask questions about seedling germination, pests and diseases and nurturing seedlings to create a healthy stock.

We encourage our environmental and community networks to share information, promote each other's activities, support, encourage and celebrate the participation of ordinary people and the significant results they can achieve in land rehabilitation. Ask the Expert

Our Seedling Database has images of the seed for each species and the seedling at 4 different stages of growth to 6 months. This resource is unique and has images that do not exist anywhere on the internet and encourages the community to make contributions. Visit TreeProject’s Seedling Database

Urban plantings

Join TreeProject and Parks Victoria in urban plantings along the Yarra River. TreeProject plants between Clifton Hill and Thomastown on the last Sunday of the month from May through September. These planting days re-establish bushland around park entrances, provide bird habitat, and replace exotic vegetation.

The plantings are open to the community and TreeProject welcomes anyone wanting to spend a ‘Blissful Sunday on the Yarra’ to come along. TreeProject provides a BBQ lunch and, yes, we cater for vegetarians and vegans.

Register your interest in upcoming treeplanting days

Kids with seedlingsGrowing research and development: The TreeProject Nursery

The Gary White Foundation supports the TreeProject nursery, which helps maximise the production of seedlings for landholders.

The TreeProject nursery:

  • Supplements seedling stock to fulfil any orders
  • Grows seedlings for free when landholders suffer vegetation loss due to natural disasters
  • Grows a few thousand seedlings to provide end-of season stock to landholders missing out on the ordering deadline but who still want to participate
  • Conducts special projects such as mangrove or long stem propagation

Developing skills

The nursery provides excellent skill development for schools and corrective services programs where they learn basic nursery skills such as sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings. Learning these skills connects children and young adults to the Victorian landscape in a way that is often lacking in urban communities.