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Become a member of Tree Project!

TreeProject depends upon the generous support of our members to keep the project afloat. To battle the loss of native vegetation is expensive, time consuming and difficult to tackle. TreeProject’s underlying philosophy is that protecting our natural resources, including the farmland that produces our food, fibres and amenities, relies upon the entire community. Your financial contribution gives TreeProject the means to assist the community to make quantitative and effective steps towards restoring Victoria’s biodiversity and developing a healthy environment for us all.

Thank you to our financial members for your invaluable support to Tree Project.

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Single - $33 (1 year)
Couple - $55 (1 year)
Family - $66 (1 year)
Non-commercial Group - $77 (1 year)
Business Supporter - $220 (1 year)
Life Membership - $330 
Family Life Membership - $550 

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