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  • Do keep the potting mix damp: it ensures germination.
  • Do mix the fertiliser evenly throughout your potting mix: as this helps prevent the seedlings varying in size. Note: you may need to use a water soluble fertilizer to even-up the growth and stimulate the slow ones.
  • Do fill your tubes just before you sow your seeds: this way the potting mix stays moist.
  • Do rotate your seedling boxes as this promotes even regular growth. Irregular growth happens if the seedlings have been getting lots of sunlight from the same direction. If some of your seedlings look smaller, rotate your boxes so they get more sun.
  • Do check individual plants for pests, grubs or slugs.
  • Do give seedlings just the right amount of sun and water. Too little sun and too much water - weakened plants. Some plants just look like they have been struggling while others are tall and straggly. Those that are stunted need more sunshine, or a warm spot against a north facing wall.
  • Do ensure seedlings are labelled correctly


  • Don’t overwater and pamper your seedlings: to survive our hash dry summers and changeable weather patterns seedlings need to be hardy with robust root systems. A large lush overwatered seedling will be too large for the roots to maintain.
  • Don’t let your potting soil dry out: this seals the surface and water won’t be able to penetrate into the mix.
  • Don't use glass houses, poly-tubes or any type of enclosed shade house: they are far too hot and humid for our native species during the summer growing season and may encourage fungal infections and produce weak seedlings.
  • Don’t pack the potting mix too tightly: as this prevents water from passing freely through the seedling tubes.