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Give to TreeProject and see your donation grow

TreeProject is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation primarily funded by donations, memberships, corporate supporters and philanthropy.

We need your help.

Every donation goes directly towards growing the trees we need to repair the land.

Your donation enables TreeProject to provide landholders with affordable trees, shrubs and grasses needed to revegetate and repair our environment. With your help we make revegetation affordable for all Victorians.

When you donate to TreeProject you’ll be helping to:

  • Tackle salinity and erosion
  • Develop healthy soil structure
  • Prevent excess water entering our ground waters and causing salinity
  • Improve water quality and help to keep our waterways healthy
  • Repair ecosystems
  • Restore our waterways
  • Conserve biodiversity
  • Provide habitat for wildlife corridors
  • Fight climate change
  • Offset carbon
  • Produce the very air we breathe

Become one of TreeProject’s generous supporters and you’ll get the satisfaction of doing something practical and immediate for Victoria’s environment.

TreeProject is a charitable organisation. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. And every $2 you give gets 1 tree in the ground. How many trees will you grow?

$30 can plant 15 seedlings to repair an eroded waterway.
$50 can provide 25 seedlings to the Forest Link Project which is creating a biolink for threatened species. Pigmy Perch
$200 a very special donation like this helps us train our volunteers in Indigenous plant propagation and care.

Become a Monthly Contributor

Making a regular, monthly tax-deductible donation, for as little as $10 a month, gives TreeProject ongoing security in its role in restoring Victoria’s degraded landscapes. Become a monthly contributor now

$10 per month grows 60 seedlings per year.
$15 per month grows 90 seedlings per year.
$20 per month grows 120 seedlings per year.
$50 per month supports the propagation of half a hectare of seedlings (300 trees) for a biolink.

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