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Become a TreeProject Financial Member

Your membership is vital to TreeProject. Become a financial member now and make a practical and immediate difference to our environment.

By supporting Tree Project you’ll be restoring ecosystems, improving water quality and fighting climate change – for the benefit of us all. Your financial membership provides the funding we need to train and support our volunteers and enable them to grow robust, healthy seedlings.

Getting at-cost Indigenous seedlings from TreeProject is often all the incentive and encouragement landholders need to start revegetating and repairing degraded land.

Landholder PlantingBecome a TreeProject Member

TreeProject Memberships Options:

  • Single – $33 (1 year)
  • Couple – $55 (1 year)
  • Family – $66 (1 year)
  • Non-commercial group – $77 (1 year)
  • Business membership – $220 (1 year)
  • Life membership – $330
  • Family life membership – $550

Give a gift membership

Know a keen gardener or someone who likes to make a difference? A TreeProject membership is a perfect gift.

Tree Project's Membership Rules

As of February 2015, these are Tree Project's rules of membership. We ask that current members and new members make themselves familiar with our rules. They can be read here online by clicking the link below or downloaded and saved to be read later.

TreeProjectRules TreeProjectRules (225 KB)