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Help TreeProject grow

Loss of vegetation and land degradation are urgent environmental problems. Your donations and membership fees go directly to train, coordinate and support volunteers in propagating Indigenous vegetation. 

Support TreeProject and make a practical, immediate and enduring difference to our environment.

Become a Financial Member of Treeproject

TreeProject relies on the support of our financial members to get trees in the ground. With your help we can repair Victoria’s natural environment. Your financial membership provides the funding we need to train and support our volunteers and enable them to grow robust, healthy seedlings.

Getting at-cost Indigenous seedlings from TreeProject is often all the incentive and encouragement landholders need to start revegetating degraded areas.

Buy a Gift Membership or Special Occasion Card

Know a keen gardener or someone who likes to make a difference? A TreeProject gift membership or a TreeProject special occasion card makes the perfect gift.

Make a one off donation to Treeproject and Get Trees Back on the Land

By donating to Tree Project you’ll be playing your part to restore ecosystems, improve water quality and fight climate change.

Ways You Can Be Involved

TreeProject is a charity. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. And every $2 you give gets 1 tree in the ground.