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Order Seedlings from Tree Project

Tree Project is currently in the process of building an online ordering option for placing your future seedling orders. In the meantime, please download the order form below.

Tree Project volunteer with seedlingsTP volunteers grow for you

TreeProject recruits volunteers to grow a minimum of 500 seedlings for individuals, landcare or other groups in each annual growing season. Growers are provided with ‘growing kits’, complete with seeds, potting mix, tubes, boxes, fertilizer and instructions to take home. Seedlings are grown to be ready for planting in either autumn or spring.

TreeProject’s role is to match volunteer growers with our registered landholders, and provide on-going support to the volunteers through the growing season. When the seedlings are ready, landholders need to organise with their volunteer growers to pick up their seedlings.

The cost is $220 for 500 seedlings. Additional orders are made in increments of 500.

Please read the Planning You Order document before ordering your seedlings. This document will explain:

  • How to fill in the form
  • What species we cannot grow
  • Order deadline date
  • Quantity of seed required per box according to species

Planning Your Order 2020-2021 Planning Your Order 2020-2021 (219 KB)

Seedling Order Form 2020-2021 Seedling Order Form 2020-2021 (251 KB)

Regional Landcare and Seedbank Info 2020 Regional Landcare and Seedbank Info 2020 (162 KB)

Grow seedlings for yourself

Landholders have the option of growing their own seedlings, with materials provided by TreeProject. For $210 per 500 plants, TreeProject will provide the potting mix, forestry tubes, fertiliser, mulch and comprehensive instructions – everything you need. Growing kits can be collected on our distribution days from our depots in Melbourne and Bendigo late November and late January or Geelong early December or early February.

If you have your own seed, please keep it and sow at the appropriate time. However, if you do not have any seed, you can order it yourself from a regional seed bank or for an administration cost of $35 TreeProject can order your seed for you from the seed bank.

The Grow Seedlings for Myself Registration Form allows you to:

  • Choose a growing season
  • Choose a date and location to pick up your supplies (you will pick up 2 kits – 14 boxes)
  • Choose a training date if you like
  • Pay for the growing supplies
Order Growing Kits

Growing Seedlings Reference Book 

Growing Indigenous Seedlings

by Ralph Murray
$25.00 + postage
Contact TreeProject to order