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Order Seedlings


TreeProject engages in best practice Landcare policy by making sure we use indigenous seeds. When planning your order, decide whether you want TreeProject volunteers to grow your seedlings or grow them yourself

If you want to do a June-July planting, your order should indicate that you want an Autumn distribution growing supplies. If you want to do your planting in August, you should choose the Spring option for distribution of growing supplies.

The Re-Tree Scheme connects landholders and Landcare groups with volunteers who propagate low cost indigenous seedlings to revegetate degraded landscapes. TreeProject is able to keep seedling costs as low as possible thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers who propagate the seedlings in their backyards from materials TreeProject supplies.

  • Have TP volunteers grow seedlings, or
  • Grow your own seedlings

Some volunteers like to help plant the seedlings they have grown and we can also help you to find some planting volunteers.