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Collecting Seed from Gum nutsSourcing Native Seed

Collecting Seed

Landholders can collect their own seed locally which they send to TreeProject for our volunteers to propagate. If you are collecting seed you will need to identify the species to ensure they are local- consider local grasses and shrubs as well as trees. Your Regional Landcare Coordinators or local Council can advise you on what species is appropriate for your region and landscape.

Seed Collection Reference Book
Seed Collection of Australian Native Plants
by Ralph Murray

$35.00 + postage

Contact TreeProject to order

Links for seed collecting instruction

Order Seed from Seedbank

Landholders can obtain the appropriate seed from your regional Seedbank or seed collector. The seed must be indigenous to your local area. Be aware that some species have been imported and cause problems when cross breeding with local species, contaminating the local gene pool.

Regional Seed Bank Info provides the necessary regional contact details to make sourcing your own seed easier. Your local Landcare group or local council will advise you of the appropriate species for your area and the regional seed bank will tell you what seed is available. Your regional Landcare facilitators will put you in touch with your local land care group. Greening Australia can provide an extensive list of contact details for seed banks and seed collectors.

Regional Seedbank Information Regional Seedbank Information (446 KB)

The Planning your Order PDF will give you the quantity to order for each seed. If you require TreeProject to send you a species list for your area just contact us and we will send you out a list. However your local landcare group or facilitator will be able to advise you about the particular species you will need for your terrain, soil and other environmental conditions

For an administration cost of $35 TreeProject can order your seed for you from the seed bank. TreeProject will need advice on species you would prefer. The seed bank will invoice you for the seed. If you collect your own seeds you must send them to the TreeProject office with the quantity written on the box/container.