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Frost can occur on nights with very low temperatures and can severely affect the health of a seedling. 

Fungus has attacked this damaged plant but it was originally burnt by frost, snow or ice. The cells in the tender tips have become engorged, bursting the same way a bruise forms. Even if it recovers his plant will never grow to its full potential remaining stunted because the leader shoots will not regrow. 


Prevention is vital. Where a frost is predicted cover the plants ensuring there is no contact with the foliage. A frame is easy to make with a large cardboard box covered in shade cloth or material. A glass cover may be used but make sure it is removed as soon as the danger is past or the condensation and magnified sun may do just as much harm. 


If your seedling is a shrub or grass and only the leaves have been effected – it may recover is the damage is not too severe. If it is a tree and the central stem has been killed the tree will be misshapen if the seedling recovers. There is no cure for a seedling where the stem been frozen.