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Pests & Diseases > Phytophthora

It’s difficult to diagnose the disease accurately without relying on laboratory tests and you can confuse it with a number of other non-disease problems, such as drought stress. Leaves may develop brown patches at the tips and margins and there is generally a yellowing off and dying back of foliage. 

The foliage dries out and young feeder roots darken. 


Phytophthora attacks the roots and stems of plants, destroying the root system and reducing the ability of the plant to absorb water and nutrients. The young roots become dark and rot. Plants wilt, yellow and may appear dry and infection may result in the death of the plant. Symptoms are often more severe, when plants are suffering from water stress. 


Prevention is far easier than cure because by the time you notice the rot it is often too late to treat. Hygiene is the crucial factor.

Always sterilize equipment and clean after use. Make sure there is adequate air-flow and wet potting mix is not left lying about.

This is not as common today due to strict growing conditions throughout the nursery industry. 


No cure. Destroy any infected stock and prevent contamination by using good hygiene practices.