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Contained in this section is a quick access to the various resources mentioned throughout the TreeProject website.


If you have queries, particular problems that are not covered on the Grower Training Manual we have an expert ready to help you
Have any questions around Victorian Indigenous plants answered by our experts. Browse past questions or submit your own!


Suggested resource books important for revegetation projects include books by
Ralph Murray - Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed and Seed Collection of Australian Native Plants
Leon Costermans - Native Trees and Shrubs of South Eastern Australia

Tool Library

Tree Project’s tool library is a free resource available to TreeProject members.Resources include seedling transport trollies, mattocks, Hamilton planters, long-handled seed collection tools and cloth bags.

Lending guidelines:

  • Individuals borrowing the equipment must either be a Landholder with TreeProject
  • Tools use is strictly for TreeProject seedling work.
  • Individual borrowers must complete a hire agreement form stating the conditions of use and borrower’s obligations.
  • Tools are securely stored at the TreeProject Depot in Kensington.
  • If you agree to the lending guidelines please contact TreeProject Office to arrange your hire.

Useful Links

Links to help the revegetation enthusiast find the people and information you need for

  • Planting site preparation
  • Seed collecting
  • Catchment management and Landcare contacts
  • Growing indigenous seedlings
  • Seed Banks


Calendar listing TreeProject plantings, Seedling grower training, growing supplies pick up dates fundraisers and other important TreeProject activities


Great reading anytime. TreeProject newsletters, present and past, are stored in this location.