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TreeProject is actively increasing the resources available to the community to help with projects which aim to revegetate cleared areas within Victoria.

Seedling TrolleysThe Re-Tree Scheme Seedling Trolleys and planting mattocks have been purchased with a grant from the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and can be loaned by community groups and individuals who have ordered seedlings through TreeProject’s Re-Tree Scheme.

There are a total of 9 trolleys for loan with the following details:

Dimensions: L: 135cm x W:55cm x H:190cm
Each trolley Consists of: 1 x Base, 4 x Shelves, 4 x Posts – collapsible.

  • Each of the 4 shelves of the trolley can hold 4 x polystyrene boxes of seedlings.
  • Within each polystyrene box there are 48 x forestry tubes.
  • Therefore each trolley can comfortably transport 768 seedlings.

The Re-Tree Scheme Seedling Trolleys can be loaned for revegetation projects run by Landcare, Catchment Management Authorities, schools, community groups, farmers and any other individual or groups who have ordered their native seedlings through the Re-Tree Scheme.

The individual or the organisers of the order will need to fill out a hire agreement form. This form states the conditions of use for the trolleys. The trolley/s must be in full working order and all parts and accessories complete and clean when returned. On the return of the Re-Tree Scheme Seedling Trolley/s, it will be inspected by TreeProject members to make sure there are no missing items. A list of equipment is provided to assist with the return of all items.

Resources-Tool Library Hire Form Resources-Tool Library Hire Form (234 KB)