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Useful Links

Growing Seedlings

Landholders – Species selection

Revegetation Information and Funding

  • Victorian Landcare Gateway To find your local landcare group, landcare managers , funding possibilities, conferences and forums.

Catchment Management Authorities

Manages natural resources to meet the community's needs and expectations. News, events, jobs, community Landcare initiatives biodiversity program

Seed Collecting

Goulburn Broken seed collecting
Landcare Notes - How to collect seed from native trees and shrubs

Preparing and Planting your Revegetation Site

Greening Australia Revegetation Techniques

VicVeg Online - (Vic) Native Vegetation Management - read the landscape and understand the native vegetation of your area

Seed Banks

Acknowledgments - Sources 

      Agriculture Victoria - Victorian Resources Online
ANBG & ABRS (Flora of Australia Online)
Atlas of Living Australia (NCIRS)
AusGrass2 - Grasses of Australia (Sharp & Simon)
Australian National Botanic Gardens 
Australian Native Plants Society - Australia
Backyard Gardener USA
Environment NSW
Florabank Australia (Aust. Government, Greening Australia, CSIRO)
Greening Australia
Queensland Government (DEEDI)
Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust  (plantNET)
Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (VICFLORA)
Victorian Flora (Colleen Miller) 
VicVeg Online
Viridians Pty Ltd Biological Databases (Paul Gullan) Yarra Ranges Council
South Australian Seed Conservation Centre