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Eucalyptus dives

Broad-leaf Peppermint

Species Description

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Species description

Cultivation and Uses

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Cultivation and uses

Plant Growing Stages


2 Months

4 Months

6 Months


Seed Description

black dot is viable seed amongst the chaff

Seed Pre-Treatment



Seed Pre-Treatment: Cold treatment 3wks.
Surface sow, cover lightly with gravel.


Water under leaf structure in winter to avoid powdery mildew.


Germination usually occurs within 3-5 weeks.
Stratification of seed for 3-4 weeks may increase germination rate.

Pests and Disease

Prone to Powdery Mildew in winter.
Myrtle rust may affect this species.
Species susceptible to Cinnamon fungus (Phytophthora cinnamomi) dieback.

When to Sow Seeds / Temperature to Sow

Early Spring-Summer, Autumn
Optimal germination temperature 15°C.

Seed Collection Timeframe

Year Round

Storage and Ripening

Seed will retain viability for 4-7 years stored at room temperature.

Grows from Cuttings