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Welcome to TreeProject

Since 1989, with over  two million trees having been planted, Tree Project is sowing the seeds for a sustainable future

TreeProject is a non-profit (Charitable), non-government, volunteer-based organization leading the way in sustainable re-vegetation throughout Victoria by providing low cost indigenous seedlings to landholders.

Covid19 Arrangements


Like many of you, we are working from home right now, so unfortunately we can't answer the phone. Rest assured, we're still here, following government advice, and the trees are still growing.


Seedlings from 1st Distribution(December 2019) will be ready for planting from May. Our coordinators will help arrange the transferof seedlings from growers to landholders. We recommend that landholders collect the seedlings from growers. If you're a grower and you'd rather deliver them, please keep the current government advice in mind.


Seedling deliveries from growers - after September 13th we will have a better idea of where and when your seedlings can be delivered and will notify you accordingly. We'll keep an eye on Government Recommendations and update our plans as things change, with your safety as our first priority.

Apologies for the disruption to how we normally do things. If you need any help, please contact your coordinator or email us here.

Our office telephone is not redirected, any message cannot be responded to, please communicate by email, here 

  Planning Your Order & Seedling Order Forms

This years Seedling Order Form, Planning Your Order and Regional Landcare and Seedbank info sheets are now available to download from this website. You can find them under Seedlings/Order Seedlings. Find the forms here

Forms will not be sent out in traditional post this year     

The Weekly Times highlighting TreeProjects involvement in successful revegetation

The Weekly Times included an article about a property in South Gippsland which ten years ago had only a few trees. It has successfully revegetated and now includes windbreaks, tree cover, protected paddocks and a much more hospitable environment for birds and wildlife who can now make it home. All in all, the properties value has increased by one third.

Read article here

TheWeeklyTimes TheWeeklyTimes (520 KB)

2018 Annual Report

The 2017-2018 Annual Report is now available.

Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018 (949 KB)

Newsletter October 2018

      Our new newsletter is now available to download and read. Click HERE to see all our newsletters.

Newsletter 2018 October Newsletter 2018 October (775 KB)

Appreciation for a job well done

"Just Letting you know that the last of the trees are in the ground and standing up very well. These last lot to go in were the very little ones, which I kept separate and waited until they got to about 100 millimetres high. This year has been great for us with good rains and the warm days."

"Please let me take this opportunity to say thanks for your help with the growing and the ease with collecting them. Unfortunately, we will not have the room for any more next year."

Gary - from Lara

TreeProject helps revegetate and repair the environment

A recent report by the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability sited that native vegetation is being lost on private land in Victoria at a rate of 4,000 hectares per year. We depend on balanced ecosystems for photosynthesis, carbon sequestration, pest prevention, drought mitigation, soil enrichment and flood regulation.

When these ecosystems struggle, we are all in trouble. Loss of vegetation and land degradation are urgent environmental problems. Our forebears observed the same issues over 100 years ago. A Plea for tree planting from the Surveyor – Governor 1906.

TreeProject believes that re-vegetation of our indigenous flora is the primary way Victorians can tackle these major issues in a practical, communal and measurable way.

Supporting landholders to restore degraded land

Tree Project’s underlying philosophy is that repairing our natural resources, including the farmland that produces our food, fibres and other essential items, relies upon the entire community.” TreeProject connects urban and rural communities to work together putting trees back on the land.

Help us get trees in the ground

TreeProject provides opportunities for people to get involved and do something practical for the environment by growing indigenous seedlings in their own backyards. We provide volunteer growers with training, support and growing materials needed to set up a ‘home nursery’ and successfully grow strong healthy seedlings.

Every year Tree Project volunteers contribute more than 48,000 hours. Come and join us. Find out how to grow things ¬– learn about plant propagation, seed collecting and revegetation.

How you can help TreeProject

Become a member to make a difference and join like-minded people – and get skills for life. We really rely on your membership to do what we do. Join now.

Know a keen gardener, a tree person, or someone who likes to make a difference? A Tree Project membership makes a great gift for a special person.

We invite large corporations, organisations and businesses to offset their carbon and paper footprint through our Business Membership option, sponsorship of specific projects or by donation.

You can donate to Tree Project. We do not receive government funding, Your donation gives us a real chance to restore, replace and repair damaged habitats.

  • Every $2 you give gets 1 seedling in the ground
  • $20 can grow 10 seedlings to create a wetland
  • $30 can plant 15 seedlings to repair an eroded waterway
  • $50 can provide 25 seedlings to the Forest Link Project to create a biolink for threatened species
  • $200 can improve a degraded ecosystem

  • TreeProject is a charity. All donations over $2 are tax deductible