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Grower Manual for indigenous seedlings

This Grower Manual is a step by step instruction on how to germinate and grow healthy indigenous seedlings.

Your seedlings will require 5 to 6 months care to reach a height of 20 – 30 cm and a hearty root structure. Indigenous seedlings are bound for harsh rural conditions, they need to develop a strong robust root system with hardy stem and leaves. The developing seedlings need daily care and watering, however, be conscious not to overwater or over pamper your seedlings.

If you do not find the information you require in the step by step Grower Manual, TreeProject also provides three additional seedling propagation tools:

  • The Seedling Database provides species specific information for seed pre-treatment, sowing notes and images of seedling growth stages.
  • Our Ask the Expert Blog is a resource to ask questions that are not resolved in either this Grower Manual or the Seedling Database. 

If you have found the Grower Manual, Seedling Database or the Ask the Expert Blog useful please applaud TreeProject’s hard work by becoming a TreeProject member or make a donation today to ensure TreeProject can continue to provide you the support, advice and training you require.