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Welcome and thank you for wanting to become a TreeProject volunteer. Our volunteers are our backbone and it is the time, effort and commitment freely given that makes TreeProject a success.

We appreciate your involvement and will endeavour to make your experience rewarding and fulfilling.

All tasks will have position descriptions. Online volunteers will be directed through e-mail and phone *Please note for you to feel that you have made an effective contribution we suggest you make at least a 3 month commitment.

TreeProject understands there will always be a million questions you want to ask.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the TreeProject office.


 If you want to help Tree Project with it's Planting Days or Working Bees.

Click HERE to see our calendars for these days. 

At our Planting days, we plant seedlings which our growers have grown to planting stage.

Our Working Bees are where we organize everything for the Distributions and happen from October through to February.

You will also find other Events like Film Nights when they occur through the year.